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Five ways to craft more relevant email newsletters

Often relegated to the ‘too hard’ pile by those who don’t know better – or worse, to the ‘outdated marketing techniques’ pile – newsletters have had a hard run of it in recent years. 

Even the word ‘newsletter’ is a bit of a misnomer, invoking images of primitive early-2000s Hotmail arrivals designed to update you on your office supply store team’s new stock. 

No, newsletter today means something completely different. It’s no longer acceptable marketing to just yell deals and information at your target audience – you actually have to give them something they want to read. 

That’s where modern email-direct marketing (EDM) comes in!

More like a distant cousin of the original email newsletter, EDM content is designed to keep your brand in mind. It can (and should) include a range of diverse content forms, including but not limited to case studies and links to blog posts alongside exciting promotions and less exciting business updates. By striking a balance between sales content and informative content, it is possible to write an email newsletter your customers will actually want to read.

Here are five methods we employ at Roobix to craft newsletters and EDMs you don’t regret opening:


  • Sticking to a schedule
    News and e-newsletters are one of the best ways to keep your brand front-of-mind for your customers. Marketers compete less in an inbox because – most of the time – a subscriber has willingly joined the mailing list.

    Unlike paid social advertising or other awareness campaigns, email is one step ahead because the content is warranted. By following through with that on a monthly or weekly basis (but no more than that!) you’ll have a better chance of becoming the go-to in your industry to that person.


  • Building credibility as a thought leader
    News stories and thought leadership articles can help to keep your business fresh – but more importantly, they position you as an expert in your field. This is what we call ‘thought leadership’.

    Thought leadership content is a way of demonstrating your deep and comprehensive understanding of your industry to your customers. The article you’re reading right now is a thought leadership article – see? We’re showing you everything we know about email direct marketing. Now you know that you can trust us with it. No bulls**t. By incorporating thought leadership articles and blog posts in your EDMs, you’ll be making for a much more interesting read.


  • Showcasing your work
    While you don’t want to be overtly self-promotional in an EDM, you can be covertly promotional by sharing stories of work you’ve done in the past. This reaffirms with your reader that they’ve made the right choice in supporting your business – because other people are, too! A big-name case study is also a brilliant way to build instant credibility, so if you’ve got one, go for it – just remember that these are better suited to audiences who are considering your business rather than audiences who’ve already bought from you.


  • Segmenting your audience
    Can you identify your website traffic by sending a simple newsletter? We can! With digital tech, we can set quantifiable metrics to measure engagement with your EDMs. By including links designed for specific groups of people, you’ll be able to track who belongs to what group in your mailing list – which enables you to target hyper-personalised emails later down the track.

    Take, for example, a bag retailer stocking mens, womens and unisex bags. The first newsletter a subscriber would receive will direct them to choose between three links (mens, womens, unisex). As they click the relevant link, they will be automatically categorised for future reference. If the reader clicked ‘womens’, the retailer will know to only send them content relevant to women. Magic! That’s audience segmentation.


  • Adding value to customer interactions
    One of the biggest email marketing mistakes is failing to add anything valuable to the interaction. Newsletters need to be informational, not sales-driven. However, the informational part still needs to be warranted.

    A good way to think about it is to consider your own inbox: do you enjoy reading weekly updates from that online store you purchased a water filter from that one time? Do you reap benefits from opening and scrolling through an announcement about your local plumber’s new pipe supplier? Probably not! A general rule of thumb is to make sure your EDM is 90% informative and only 10% promotional. With a case study, a thought-leading blog article and some engaging copy, you’ll be all set to add your snippet of promotional material. 


While EDMs can be done DIY style, there is a better way – Roobix can sort it all out for you. 

We offer EDM content writing, blog writing, case studies, branding and email dissemination through our celebrated Managed Marketing Service. 

When in-house marketing is out of the question and traditional marketing agencies are cost-prohibitive, Roobix is the solution. Our full-scale team of marketing specialists can be employed for less than the cost of one in-house resource using our MMS model – which you can find out more about here!

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