“Doing Digital Marketing without a strategy is like trying to find your way without a map or GPS. Whilst you may by chance get to your destination, it will never be an easy journey.”Cindy Liu

Digital is a word with broad application, it means a lot of things to a lot of people. At Roobix, we focus on optimising your online activities to drive leads and increase sales. Being found online is important, but converting that site visit to a lead ranks above all else.

Digital marketing is not just having a good website, or tweeting about your newest product in store. Digital Marketing should be driven from a solid strategy in which each component contributes to achieving your organisation’s goals.

Digital marketing, more than any other type of marketing, is only effective when it is structured and consistent. Writing a single blog is not going to make your business more successful. However consistent blog writing as part of a content strategy that drives overall Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts can be extremely effective.


The foundation of almost every digital strategy is a good website. A good website is a website that doesn’t just look good, but actually achieves your goals and helps visitors find what they are looking for. This can mean providing the right information with call to actions to convert them to leads. It can also mean a full e-commerce solution.

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Search Engine Marketing

Once you have a beautiful website that’s optimised for conversions, you may wonder how to actually get visitors to convert. This is where Search Engine Marketing comes in. A Search Engine Marketing strategy can focus on Search Engine Optimisation, improving your rankings in Google, or Search Engine Advertising, paying to be at the top of Google through Google Adwords.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having thousands of visitors on your website is worthless if none of them ever generate you any revenue. Conversion Rate Optimisation focusses on optimising the user experience of an existing website with the aim of moving them further through the sales funnel and ultimately converting them.

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Social Media

The first question to ask yourself is do I need social media? If the answer is yes, the second question is what social media platforms are going to be the most effective for my business, and do I reach my target market through building a following, through advertising, or both.

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