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Printed or online annual reports, Roobix has it covered.

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Great design, interesting infographics, concise content structure and high-quality print. We take care of it all.

Roobix works with any budget to produce a clear and beautiful representation of your company’s annual achievements. We can manage the whole process end-to-end.

  • Design Concept – Start with a clear story and let it drive your design.
  • Infographics – Because a picture says 100% words. Big information, bite-sized.
  • Format – You don’t have to have an A4 annual report, check out print formats that have an impact.
  • Content Structure – The balance of design and functionality can be a fine art.
  • Copywriting – Trust the Roobix copywriting team to take your works and make them engaging.
  • Print Management -There a range of potential finishes for your annual report, explore what works for you.
  • Online and Video – Go beyond paper, engage your audience and get live metrics on performance.

Trust Roobix to deliver your annual report on time, on budget, beautifully.

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