SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is paying to be listed in a high-ranking position on a search results page.

The beauty of SEA is a directly measurable result. You can calculate sales revenue and ROI from your Google Advertising expenditure. And that ROI should be significant – because Roobix cares about your conversion and not just your click.

Roobix employs:

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation  – a click, after all, is just a click. At Roobix we care about conversions.
  • Broad Match search terms  – because a search for 'remedial massage Perth' is very different to 'massage Perth'. We know the difference.
  • Conversion goals – what is a conversion to you? We’ll figure out the magic number.
  • Call tracking - if your phone rings because you placed a paid advert, you should know about it.
  • ROI prioritisation – with Roobix, you won’t spend $200 to make $100. We understand profit margins and we design campaigns to suit yours.

Want to know how your existing site stacks up?

Take Roobix free digital desktop audit – completed by a human, not by a robot.

If you aren’t talking about cost per conversion with your digital provider, it’s time to talk to Roobix.

– Melissa Strutt, CEO

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