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How to turn an exhibition in to a lead-generation machine

There are four mistakes business leaders have in common when it comes to running events and exhibitions:

  1. Not using their existing database to attract warm leads to the event
  2. Not relying on a concise, highly-targeted message for the specific event audience
  3. Not capturing data on the day
  4. Not following up on leads afterwards, and therefore missing return on their investment!

How does Roobix avoid these mistakes? By identifying where leaders have historically missed opportunities and then plugging the holes with technology-based marketing strategies.

In the last few years, we’ve equipped many of our clients with the marketing technology (or Martech, if you’re in-the-know) to turn an industry conference like AOG into a lead generation hotspot – and the results are telling.

When many of our clients come to us, they’ve never run an automated, strategised stand. They have traditionally used a business card drop-off point at their stand to collect leads, and then they’ve had to spend time manually entering the business card data into their CRM. That lead collection depends on how many business cards are dropped – and that, too, depends on the overall concept and inventiveness of the stand. In non-marketing terms, it doesn’t generate much interest. 

To generate interest at a crowded business event, you need two things: a firm strategy and the right technology. The way we did this for SMS Group Services this year is a good example.

We started by taking SMS’ integral ‘4D’ approach to projects and turned it into a highly creative and engaging stand. Each level of the multi-level scaffolding in the stand corresponded to a step along the 4D journey, which had the dual effect of both outlining the client’s service offering and drawing attendees up to a central point where they could input their data. 

The result of this was a fortified collection of almost 300 warm leads – 180 of which occurred on the first day! All 300 of these leads had a conversation with someone at the stand, whether that was an SMS staff member or a member of the Roobix team. You can learn more about SMS’ attendance at AOG 2020 here:

As Roobix Project Manager Claire Bott says, our clients are never alone at business events.

“We make our clients look good by blending seamlessly with their team. At AOG 2020, we conceptualised and managed the SMS Group presence by working with their internal team every day of the conference. We had a Roobix team member on the ground at the stand every minute of the three-day event, and put a little elbow grease into the bump in and bump out too. Being a part of this experience was spectacular – it is so satisfying to see a comprehensive strategy using dedicated marketing technology be so effective.”

Are you looking to generate more leads in the crowd at your next event? Roobix offers a range of conference and exhibition services as one-off projects, or as part of our Managed Marketing Service:

  • Event strategy
  • Stand concept
  • Stand design
  • Stand execution and styling
  • Poster session graphic design
  • Stall-holder branding
  • Managed print service
  • Entertainment and BD management
  • Vendor liaison and management
  • Creative promotions and marketing

Call Roobix on 13 30 40 for a chat about upcoming conferences and exhibitions – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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