Get the right message.

To the right people.

At the right time.

Now more than ever, tailored communication is the key to successful engagement.

And that’s not just for potential clients – the same goes for existing clients and third parties.

Clients have come to expect the justified use of their data in exchange for relevant and engaging information when they need it.

To stand out from the crowd, cut through the noise and ensure customer retention, you need a well-formulated communications strategy.

Roobix can help.

We need to know your customers inside out. That’s why we start by breaking down stakeholders and segmenting them into similar needs groups. Once those groups are identified, we compare their needs with your objectives and analyse the synergy between the two. From here we can determine best-practice communication channels and key messages.

Overarching key messages are consistently recognisable through all communications and at every touchpoint because they become associated with your brand. Key messages are like a shortcut to your message, and they make it easier for people to relate to you.

All communication you’re exposed to has a scheme underpinning it. Or rather, it should – and that’s why we use strategists. Roobix makes communication strategy adaptable for change within your business and understandable for your team.

The end result is a consistent tone, a clean delivery and a clear purpose.

Roobix can manage:

  • Campaign related communications
  • Internal communications
  • Press and PR activities
  • Official corporate communications
  • Unexpected internal or external event mitigation
  • General communication responses
  • Detailed crisis communication strategies

“Roobix made some amazing suggestions, explaining our ideal customer journey and proposing a good range of B2B events across our target industries. The dormant client reactivation recommendations are a great idea – key to us becoming proactive rather than reactive.”

– Travis, Integral Development

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