Communications Strategy

Get the right messages to the right people at the right times

More than ever, tailored and personalised communications are key to successful engagement with potential and existing customers as well as third parties.

Customers have expectations of excellent customer service and effective, justified use of their data to provide them with relevant engaging information when they need it. To stand out from the crowd and ensure customer retention and loyalty, you need a considered communications strategy. Roobix can help.

Putting customers first
Firstly, we need to know your customers inside out, breaking down stakeholders into segments or groups based on similar needs. Once those groups have been identified we can assess their needs, your objectives, synergies between the two, preferred communication channels, key messages and specific media choices.

Communications must be tailored to give the right message to the right people at the right time in order to make the biggest impact towards your organisation’s goal.

Reinforcing your brand
At the same time, there must be overarching key messages that are consistent and recognisable through all communications and at every touchpoint. These become associated with your organisation and brand. They shortcut and reinforce your message, making it easier for people to relate to, understand and share.

You may need campaign related communications, internal communications, press and PR activity and official corporate communications. Then there are the unexpected internal or external events and occurrences that require acknowledgement, mitigation, general communication responses or a detailed crisis communication strategy for.

Pulling it all together
A communication strategy therefore needs to have a great deal of detail underpinning it with a lot of planning and forethought.  At the same time, it needs to be flexible enough to change as needed and it must be simple enough for your senior team to understand at a glance.

Sounds like a headache doesn’t it?  Don’t worry, at Roobix we love to put ourselves in your customers’ shoes and work with your team to create effective, high impact communication strategies and content.

Top 10 Tips for an effective press release
  • Make sure the information is newsworthy.
  • Tell the audience that the information is intended for them and why they should continue to read it.
  • Start with a brief description of the news, then say who announced it (not the other way around).
  • Ask yourself, “How are people going to relate to this and will they be able to connect?” Use the answers to build your press release.
  • Make sure the first 10 words of your release are effective—they are the most important.
  • Use plain language. Avoid excessive use of adjectives and fancy words.
  • Focus on the facts.
  • Provide as much contact information as possible: Individual to contact, address, phone, fax, email, Web site address.
  • Make sure you wait until you have something with enough substance to issue a release.
  • Make it as easy as possible for media representatives to do their jobs.

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