Does your buyer journey start with search?

Strong SEO starts onsite, with your website.

That’s why every Roobix website comes with core SEO elements included – because there’s no point in building a new website if it’s not built to be found.

Once these initial ‘quick wins’ have been achieved, we determine the type of visitor you want to attract and what keywords they would search for.

Much of your website’s ranking is determined by factors outside of your own website – including the type and reputation of the other websites that link to you. As a Google Partner, we can manipulate some internal factors to put the power back in your hands.

It’s not a silver bullet solution. It is the most difficult and time-consuming type of optimisation – but it can be lucrative if done well.

Roobix offers search engine optimisation for small-to-medium enterprise at any stage of their marketing journey

If you aren’t talking about cost per conversion with your digital provider, it’s time to talk to Roobix.

– Melissa Strutt, CEO

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