Why your phone number matters

Despite the growth of digital commerce, the humble telephone call still dominates customer communication. Roy Morgan’s survey reveals that over 60% of people prefer to call a business before buying a product or service. This means we have to ensure our business provides a positive telephone experience to increase the likelihood of people wanting to do business with us. We’ve … Read More

Relevance of Salespeople in 2014 – A Response to Jean Spencer

We recently came across an article on Social Media Today by Jean Spencer that sparked some intense debate in the Roobix office. Spencer’s article argues that content marketing will replace physical sales teams in the future and points towards signs that this is already taking place. We are so passionate about the topic that we feel compelled to respond. Conflicting … Read More

How to sell to the self-educating customer

As a salesperson, you no longer control the majority of information the buyer has access to when looking into a solution. 36% of B2B consumers don’t even think about talking to a sales representative before they’ve formed a consideration set on their own. In other words, many customers will identify potential solutions to their problem before contacting an expert in … Read More