MMS – How we do it

Step 1

Over 4 or 8 weeks a Roobix strategist and marketing delivery officer will (with your input) develop your marketing blueprint

Step 2

Your blueprint is presented back to you, outlining your audiences, your messaging and recommended campaigns and channels to market.

Step 3 A:

You love your blueprint, think we’re awesome and engage with Roobix to execute your marketing and deliver the outcomes based on the blueprint.

Step 3 B:

You don’t love your blueprint, that’s ok not every partnership works. Your Roobix journey ends here.

Step 4

Roobix starts delivering. We get to work building your awesome key assets. Our project team, creatives and super nerds work together alongside your MDO.

It’s like having your own in-house marketing manager and a full team of creatives to get you going.

Step 5

Once you have all the key tools for success completed, it’s time to get tactical.

Your POD of digital, creative, automation and events specialist get the day to day work done to execute on your company objectives.

Step 6

We communicate! We want to ensure that you feel like we’re part of your team. We keep you posted with regular calls, email summaries and monthly onsite meetings as well as quarterly review meetings (where our big bosses come to make sure we’re making you happy).

We don’t automate our interactions with you, we invest in making sure we have a successful, honest partnership.

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