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Business Bites Podcasts

Episode 15: Five Star Reviews

In this second episode in our three-part series on black hat tactics and fear marketing, CEO Mel Strutt and Marketing and Innovation Lead Matt Staroste discuss maintaining Google My Business - and how promises of endless five-star reviews aren't always what they seem.

Episode 14: Click Fraud Protection

In the first episode of our second series, CEO Mel Strutt and PPC Lead Cindy Liu discuss how agencies selling Click Fraud Protection are taking advantage of small business owners paying for Google Ads Campaigns.

Episode 13: PR Essentials for Small Business

To conclude the first series of SMB Business Bites, CEO Mel Strutt and Marketing and Innovation Lead Matt Staroste discuss how small businesses can use public relations concepts to manage feedback from social media and search.

Episode 12: Digital vs Traditional Advertising

In Episode 12, CEO Mel Strutt speaks with senior consultant Robynn Kelly on her experience working for a big agency, how she unlocks value for SMBs, and how the dollar you would traditionally spend on advertising is better spent on digital.

Episode 11: Facebook for SMBs

On our eleventh episode of Business Bites, CEO Mel Strutt speaks with Junior Social Media Specialist (and fellow Mel) Melissa Jansen van Rensberg about how Facebook is evolving into a cost-effective solution for small business.

Episode 10: Marketing Automation for Sales Opportunities

In our tenth episode of Business Bytes, CEO Mel Strutt and Senior Consultant Matthew Tillotson discuss how marketing automations directly contribute to better sales opportunities, and how they can open the door to leads you thought were long gone.

Episode 9: Marketing Automation Basics

This week on SMB Business Bites, CEO Mel Strutt speaks with Automation Specialist Kelly Cochrane about how to leverage leads when you convert them, and how to use technology to support your sales process.

Episode 8: Landing Pages

In our eighth episode of Business Bites, CEO Mel Strutt and Digital Specialist Cindy Liu discuss the technical requirements for a successful landing page, and how to maximise your page's conversion potential.

Episode 7: Digital and Branded Experiences

In Episode 7 of SMB Business Bytes, CEO Mel Strutt interviews Marketing and Innovation Lead Matt Staroste on the basics of how a complete branded experience is integral for a digital campaign's success.

Episode 6: Search Engine Optimisation Pt 3

In the final instalment of a three part series on SEO, CEO Mel Strutt and Marketing and Innovation Lead Matt Staroste discuss what role SEO plays in customer acquisition, and how to think about return on investment for one off and ongoing SEO services. 

Episode 5: Search Engine Optimisation Pt 2

This week, in the second of three episodes on SEO, CEO Mel Strutt and Marketing and Innovation Lead Matt Staroste discuss why ongoing SEO management is misunderstood, and more importantly, why it's so important.

Episode 4: Search Engine Optimisation

In this fourth episode of Business Bites, Marketing & Innovation Lead Matt Staroste turns the tables and interviews our CEO Mel Strutt, to discuss demystifying SEO - what does it actually do, how do you decide if it will work for your business, and how it is evolving in the marketplace.

Episode 3: Paid Digital

The third episode of Business Bites is about explaining where to get started with digital marketing, and learning some quick tips on how to make the most of your digital marketing dollar. CEO Mel Strutt welcomes digital specialists Cindy Liu and Nadya Pramono to talk Google Ads, social media marketing, and share some stories about how businesses best use these channels.

Episode 2: The Customer Experience

The second episode of Business Bytes is all about building an amazing customer experience – CEO Mel Strutt and Strategy Lead Andy Durack discuss how technology has made quantifiable customer experience outcomes achievable for the average small business, and why good CX mapping is a marathon, not a sprint.

Episode 1: Marketing in Crisis

Our first episode is all about Marketing in Crisis - CEO Mel Strutt and Strategy Lead Andy Durack discuss how to react, respond, and manage communications when the rulebook goes out the window. In this episode we discuss the best initial steps you can take, how to frame your short, mid, and long term messaging, and what opportunities to consider as quick wins with little or no budget.

Mailbag Podcasts

Mailbag Segment: Episode 2

Our Second Business Bites Mailbag features Roobix CEO Mel Strutt and Digital Specialists Cindy Liu and Nadya Pramono, and answers questions about when to use branded search terms in your paid campaigns, and what's on the horizon for social media services.

Mailbag Segment: Episode 1

In our first Business Bites Mailbag, CEO Mel Strutt and Marketing & Innovation Lead Matt Staroste answer questions from the Marketing in Crisis podcast - specifically how to confidently navigate brand action when messaging is mandatory.

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