Application Development

Before you decide on your application developer, decide on your preferred project management methodology.

A functional, beautiful application is the outcome, a development partner you can trust to guide you to that outcome is essential. 

At Roobix we set expectations upfront, guide you on the best solution for your requirements and ensure a milestone-based approach. This means you see your investment take shape in a structured and predictable manner. Our approach is a hybrid of Agile and Waterfall Project Management. We provide clearly defined outcomes from the outset but also allow you flexibility as the project progresses.

The first step is a casual chat with Roobix to understand your vision, from here we’ll provide a fixed price proposal for phase one as well as an estimate to provide you comfort on the future of your investment.

Time for the first chat?

What type of App do you need?

As technology advances, it’s important to develop your solution in a platform that will serve your needs today and into the future.

Mobile Applications

A mobile application is developed for a mobile device, both phone, and tablet. As devices continually evolve, so too does the software operating the device i.e. iOS (Apple), Oreo (Android). This will have implications for your mobile application because it will need to be updated to ensure it aligns with the operating software. This is just one of many considerations when developing a mobile device, at Roobix we want to guide you through them all before a cent is spent on development.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have the look and feel of a native app, even down to push notification and an icon on the home screen without the need to go to an app store to install. Progressive Web Apps use less data, don’t require mass updates and can be beneficial for SEO. At Roobix we believe PWA’s are the future of web and application development and we’re happy to show you why.

Custom Applications

We have created portals to manage registrations, payments, financials, ticketing, and events for some of Australia’s largest organisations and NFP’s.  If you have a business challenge and you think an app might be the answer, talk to Roobix.

Tell us your challenge and we’ll build your perfect solution.

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