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Logos Are Important. Is Yours Really Yours?

Logos are so important that many people think that a logo is all a brand consists of. This isn’t true, but together with the name, the logo is the most crucial element of the overall branding strategy that also includes your slogan, colour scheme and font. Your brand is all the unique identifiers for your business.

Why is a Logo So Important?

The logo is what makes your brand instantly recognisable to the potential and existing customer base. For existing and past customers the logo evokes memories and emotions from previous experiences – hopefully positive. This is one of the most important factors in building a brand. It helps ensure that customers keep coming back even after a single negative experience since it is off-set by their positive past experiences.

When it comes to potential clients however, the logo needs to communicate purpose and professionalism.

First Impressions

First impressions are vital, especially in the corporate world where clients need to have confidence the partners and suppliers they are spending their money with. These suppliers are being trusted with the success of their business, so these decisions are not made lightly.

As such, an unprofessional or unappealing logo can be extremely off-putting to somebody that has never heard of your business before. It can imply that you are not good at your work or serious about what you do.

The Emergence of Readymade Logos and The Problems they Cause

There has been a recent trend of companies popping up that sell cheap, generic, readymade logos. You insert your own company name into their design and voila! You have yourself a brand new (pun intended) logo! Although it seems convenient and affordable, there are a number of risks involved in using such a ‘logo farm’.

1. Not uniquely recognisable

The way these logo farms make money on the logos is by selling them to multiple companies. This means there will be other organisations out there which have the same logo, or a close variant of yours. If a customer comes across ‘your’ logo with a different company name underneath, this creates confusion which lowers your brand’s value.

2. Trademarks

On top of this, it means you may not be able to protect your brand or even own your brand. Trademark law prevents a company from using names or logos that are likely to be mistaken for an existing competitor’s. If another organisation claims the logo as their trademark, it presents the challenge of determining who had the logo first and how many others out there are using the same.

3. Marketing material

In the event of legal action, your company may be forced to stop using its logo. This means that all your existing marketing material using that logo is of no use to you anymore. How much time and money was invested into them that you’ve now lost?

4. Capturing the brand

Lastly, generic logos are never going to effectively communicate the essence of your business. If it is not a logo that has been designed specifically with your business in mind, how can it possibly represent what you do and believe in? Therefore, how can you effectively build a brand using a logo that doesn’t actually represent you optimally?

When taking all these risks into consideration, one will quickly find that the one-time costs of creating a logo are minor compared to all the advertising and stationary that will be invested in to build the brand. Therefore, to ensure a unique and relevant logo that works for your brand, always work with a local designer who can create a logo your business is proud to display.

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