SMS Event Conceptualisation

The Australasian Oil and Gas Conference hosts the largest resource businesses from across APAC, and SMS’ attendance provided it with extensive exposure to critical business development opportunities.

The main purpose of SMS’ presence was to accomplish two things:

  1. Firstly, to showcase SMS’ key differentiator – its 4D (Four Dimensional) method, in particular its approach to Access Management; and
  2. Secondly, capture attendee interest and inform them of/capture them for a dedicated off-site event where SMS can continue to develop and convert contacts obtained at AOG.

The key objective was to connect attendees to follow up off-site events, providing the opportunity to invite other organisational stakeholders from the businesses present at AOG including executives or decision-makers.

The SMS stand at AOG had four main ‘zones’, each with the intended purpose of showcasing a specific part of the 4D approach (in no particular order).

SMS staff directed attendees through the stand with the help of wayfinding signage.

These four key business areas were then applied to the concept of the scaffolding design. 

In addition to physical wayfinding signage, each attendee of the stand received a physical printout which demonstrated the 4D approach and provided access to all of the available digital channels aligned to the event.

Upon leaving the event’s Delivery Depot, a Roobix team member was present to capture attendee information so they could be invited to a second, off-site event.

This complete customer journey yielded SMS with a 300% increase in leads from the previous attempt at attending AOG.

SMS was so happy with the result of the event, they allowed Roobix to showcase the success as a video case study, which you can watch below. 

Play Video

Roobix have been working alongside SMS Group Services for a number of years now and assisted in the continued development of our business profile. We've done it all, from PPC marketing to website redevelopment, SEO, and events management; all of which have seen a positive upturn for our business as a result. We look forward to growing our business alongside them throughout 2021 and beyond!

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