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The role of collaboration in a marketing workspace

Bringing together the very best features of workplace collaboration, the managed marketing service (MMS) is the very heart of Roobix’ service offering.

For the uninitiated, an MMS is like an all-in-one for your marketing needs. Instead of contracting separate businesses to manage your web build, your SEO, your copywriting, your graphic design, your videography and your social media advertising, a Roobix MMS allows you to access every one of these services from the same provider. Roobix employs the top-tier talent in each of these core service areas, and those staff work together to deliver what the client needs on an ongoing basis.

As you can probably imagine, an MMS requires some seriously effective collaboration in the marketing workspace. So what does that look like?

Integrating clients in the creative process

As an MMS client, that means you can speak directly to the copywriter about your web copy or speak directly to the designer about your new logo. You tell them what you want, and they work with you to hand-craft the end result for final approval. This method prevents time wastage for everybody involved – because when a creative process occurs behind closed doors, you won’t know if it’s on the right track until you see the end result. 

By integrating regular consultations, presentations and reviews, MMS recipients end up with a solution that is truly perfect for them. After all, they’ve helped to guide the whole process!

Departmental cross-pollination
Inter-departmental collaboration is another powerful benefit to the MMS model. All businesses seek harmony within their teams, and some of those teams will naturally feed off of each other. Copy and design are a good example – they just go hand-in-hand. But sometimes, it’s important to integrate some unexpected perspectives. Does the SEO specialist have a great idea for a client’s new branding? Maybe the back-end developer has past work experience in the same industry as a key client. 

At Roobix, our Managed Marketing Services are built on the diversity of skills. Our brand of collaboration is strong because we don’t limit staff to input on their own role in a project. We like to call that ‘cross-pollination’ – and it usually leads to wonderful things!

Facilitating opportunities for feedback
It’s important to remember that collaboration isn’t all rainbows, smiles and bongo circles. We all have a responsibility to put in the work and challenge ourselves to give or receive critical feedback. That is not to say criticism – just critical commentary for the purpose of quality assurance (QA). 

A strong QA framework is key here because it automates the process of feedback and removes the inhibition of ‘stepping on toes’. No feedback is ever unwarranted because it’s a standard part of the operating procedure – feedback is to be expected! For an MMS client, that means the new website they’ve signed up for has been thoroughly checked, edited and improved upon long before it reaches them. 

The role of collaboration in an optimally-functioning marketing workspace is difficult to overstate – especially when it comes to our MMS model. We have worked to achieve finesse when it comes to collaboration, and that’s the difference between Roobix and traditional agencies.

When in-house marketing is out of the question and traditional marketing agencies are cost-prohibitive, Roobix is the solution. Our full-scale team of marketing specialists can be employed for less than the cost of one in-house resource using our celebrated MMS model. 

To find out more about this service, head to our MMS page – or give us a buzz on 13 30 40!

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