Roobix Wins 2015 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement

Roobix is delighted to announce that the Capital Partners website won the 2015 Financial Services Standard of Excellence WebAward at the Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition. Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition has been setting the standard of excellence for Website development. Independent expert judges from around the world review sites in 96 industries, the best … Read More

Location, Location, Location – It also applies online

It is the old adage when it comes to physical stores: you need to be located in high traffic areas so that you are noticed in order to sell your products or services. However, the same is true when it comes to online. Just having a website isn’t enough. Like a physical store it needs to be easy to find … Read More

Referral spam: The new spam trend that creates false website visitors

On the internet, people constantly seem to find new ways of spreading viruses or malware and adverts for illicit products such as medication. The latest trend seems to be Referral Spam. What is referral spam? Referral spammers use computer systems to visit (spider) as many websites as they can. They do this in a similar way to Google. However instead … Read More