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9 Reasons Outsourcing Your Marketing Makes Sense in Today’s Economy

Effective marketing has never been more important than it is today. In an era when people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, the need to constantly reinforce brand image and the public profile of your business has never been greater.

As if this did not make the task of promoting one’s business hard enough, the growing importance of digital media channels as part of a robust overall marketing strategy has placed even more strain on the skill sets of those responsible for ensuring their company’s products and services are always in the public eye.

Outsourcing your company’s marketing activities is one solution to the ever-growing demands on your staff and brings with it the following key benefits.

1. The Gift of Time

By taking some of the strain off your in-house marketing department, you can give them the time they need to focus on special campaigns for new products, new markets, and new ideas. If your regular promotional activities are too much for them to handle, they will never have time to develop innovative new campaigns that could make a real difference to your corporate image and, most importantly, to your sales turnover.

2. Low-Risk Growth

You can tip the risk/reward ratio firmly in your favour by outsourcing some or all of your marketing activities to a third-party specialist. One of the problems that companies face when attempting to expand, is the burden that taking on extra marketing staff places on their financial resources. By partnering with an organisation that specialises in branding and marketing activities across both conventional and digital media channels, your company can gain the publicity it needs without exposure to the financial risk that recruiting numerous full-time employees would inevitably involve.

3. New Channels

New Channels – In-house marketing departments naturally tend to play to the strengths of the individual employees that comprise them. While this makes sense, it does mean that your company will tend to use the same media channels to market itself over the years. On the other hand, an external organisation that employs experts in every field of marketing will give you access to a more comprehensive toolbox: you can utilise both traditional media channels such as radio and television, alongside social media, Google AdWords campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO).

4.Specialist Knowledge

As touched upon above, one of the key benefits associated with outsourcing your marketing activities to a specialist organisation, is the additional knowledge that you will now have access to. Full service marketing organisations employ experts in every field, such as online marketing automation and conversion optimization, ensuring they are able to promote their clients across both conventional and social media channels, using the most effective tools currently available. Employing an expert in every field currently relevant to 21st-century marketing activities would be unnecessarily expensive, especially for smaller organisations, but when outsourcing, you can have access to all these specialists without the expense associated with hiring dozens of additional permanent members of staff.

5. Cover for Staff Absences

Small companies with just one or two people on their staff to deal with promotional activities can take advantage of the flexibility that outsourcing offers by delegating more responsibilities during times of staff absences. The ability to outsource on-demand is especially useful when employees fall sick during the middle of a period of expansion or at the start of a major new marketing campaign. Instead of having to put everything on hold, you can proceed full steam ahead, safe in the knowledge that you have the personnel on hand to take up the slack.

6. Mobility

One of the most difficult tasks faced by companies of all sizes that need to market themselves across a variety of media channels, is that of quickly changing direction when results fail to meet expectations. External organisations that employ specialists to monitor both conventional and digital marketing analytics on a full-time basis, are able to anticipate potential problems and react to them more swiftly than the majority of corporate teams can.

7. Ability to Easily Handle Fluctuating Demand

It is important for companies to capitalise on periods of high sales volume by ramping up their online and offline promotional activities. However, unless you have a very large marketing department this can be difficult to achieve. A specialist organisation, on the other hand, will be able to provide the extra manpower and expertise that is required at such times, enabling your company to make the most of the opportunities for growth with which it is presented.

8. Strategic Direction

Many companies tend to get stuck in a rut as far as their promotional campaigns are concerned. Having enjoyed success with a certain type of activity, such as display ads on highly ranked and highly relevant websites, they gravitate toward the same methods in the future, regardless of whether they make sense in the context of their overall marketing strategy. In fact, they often lack any kind of cohesive strategy at all. A specialist organisation with a new and unbiased perspective on your current promotional activities can provide much needed strategic direction.

9. Improved Results

By working with a team of experienced specialists with knowledge and proficiency in fields such as web design and web development, alongside more conventional marketing disciplines, you can look forward to a much better return on your investment in promotional activities over the coming years. With a broader toolset at their disposal, an external organisation can outperform most in-house marketing teams simply because they are able to place greater emphasis on the media channels that prove to be most effective, without having to recruit new staff to achieve this aim.

It is almost impossible for small to medium-sized firms to employ specialists in every field of marketing, which is why outsourcing makes such good sense. By utilising both conventional and digital communications channels, a marketing outsourcing organisation can provide your company with the marketing firepower that it needs to remain competitive in even the most crowded of marketplaces.

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