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We take the time to understand your business, because you hold the key to our success.

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Time is money and talk is cheap. We tell you what we’re going to do, then we get on with doing it.

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You recruit passionate, energetic and intelligent people, so why should your partners be any different? Business should be enjoyable!


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Our team of design, digital, communications and sales experts work together to deliver end-to-end solutions, including:


You can save up to 30% on traditional marketing overheads and expenses by centralising the function of in-house sales and marketing teams into one scalable service.

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Our People

Melissa Strutt


Chief Executive Officer
Melissa is passionate about building better outcomes for West Australian businesses.  In fact, she’s spent the better part of a decade enabling small, medium and large businesses to capture and explore new markets.  She founded Roobix with the belief that it only takes a little guidance, marketing support and a great communication strategy for every business to enjoy increased success.
Darren Willians


GM Creative
Darren has in excess of 15 years experience in the world of design, having managed his own company and worked for some of the biggest national companies. Darren can regularly be spotted in his lycra after cycling to work in the morning, before giving the rest of the Roobix team a creative boost and reminding us to maintain a stable intake of caffeine.
Kelly Cusworth


Marketing Delivery Manager
Kelly is high-energy marketing and communications specialist, with more than a decade of experience in senior delivery roles across both commercial and consumer markets. Kelly is passionate about implementing integrated marketing solutions that enable organisations to ‘do more for less’ and deliver measurable ROI.
Cindy Liu


Marketing Delivery Officer
Having graduated from The University of Western Australia in 2014, Cindy brings a fresh, energetic, marketing perspective to Roobix.  Cindy is quite adept at solving complex problems our clients face, and has been able to provide a range of solutions (including Google services) for a number of diverse and competitive West Australian markets.  Her positive and analytical approach to problem solving has enabled clients to reach new audiences and expand into territories previously untapped.

Al Black


Marketing Consultant
Al has been working in the media and marketing industry since 1995. He began to transition into digital marketing in 2008 and has not looked back since! Al has an inquisitive nature, and a keen eye for identifying solutions that can drive increased revenue for his clients.  We have seen Al bring out even the most timid of personalities with his engaging and outgoing nature, and have enjoyed the positive energy he brings to Roobix.
Ryan Brown


Senior Web Developer
Ryan has been developing meticulous, bespoke web applications, mobile applications and implementing integrations between different business systems (accounting, CRM, marketing, websites) for over 10 years.  His sharp eye for detail and precision has enabled many businesses to improve processes and workflow through business system integrations. Ryan is also our source of knowledge for cloud based server management and maintenance.


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