Why Brand is More Than a Logo

What is a brand? Well, it can be pretty difficult to define! 

What brand ‘is’ can be entirely different depending on the context. In design terms, a brand is synonymous with your business’ broader visual language and identity. It’s the colours, fonts, shapes and other aesthetic features that best represent you and what you offer. In marketing strategy, a brand is more akin to the journey your customers go on when they engage with your business. 

So what do you need to look at when you build a brand? Well, we believe that a brand is a combination of both of those things and more! In fact, at Roobix we believe there are five key aspects you need to focus on when creating a comprehensive, consistent business identity that’s more than just a logo. Check it out below:


The very first thing to look at when building your brand is your audience. Throughout the whole process, it’s incredibly important to remember that your business needs to reflect what your audience wants and needs, not what your own personal style is. You might love goofy cartoon graphics and Papyrus font, but your audience might not! Consider who you are speaking to, how old they are, where they live and what their values are before you come up with your visual style or your communications strategy. 


Once you’ve got your audience all figured out, you need to consider the experience they’ll have with your business. Why are they looking for your product or service? What do they need from you? If your demographic is 50+ year old business people who just need to get their IT problem sorted, you don’t need to build your brand on fluffy copywriting and edgy, ultramodern aesthetics. You need to build it on straightforward content and simple corporate design that helps them pick you first. 


A good brand means really good messaging. 

What is good messaging? It’s the set of promises you make again and again and again, in all of your marketing communications across social media, web copy and print collateral. These promises must reassure your audience that you can solve the problem, and it must give them a good reason as to why you’re going to be the best at solving it. Returning to the IT example, that could be a promise you make about a same-day site visit or using a secure remote access software that lets you fix the issue faster. 

If you’re following, then, audience + experience + messaging = a strong basic marketing strategy. Now you need to look at the more creative aspects to seal the deal.


If messaging is what you should say, tone is how you should say it. If you’re selling a luxurious beauty product, your tone could be descriptive and flowery. If you’re offering vehicle towing services, your tone probably shouldn’t be descriptive or flowery – it should be short, sharp and instructional! Tone covers all aspects of copywriting, from the use of slang to sentence structure. Consider again what your audience wants or needs – this will help you determine the correct tone for your brand. 


Finally, after all of that powerful brainstorming, you’ll be ready to determine the visual aspects of your brand! At this stage, you should have a thorough understanding of who you’re speaking to, what their experience will be, what they need, how you can provide it for them, what they want to hear and how you should say it. Using that information as a framework, you should be able to easily land on the correct colour schemes, font and graphic options for the broader visual language of your brand. 

As you can see, the logo is just the tip of the iceberg!

It sounds like a lot of work – and we’re not going to lie, it is! That’s why we offer branding and marketing strategy at Roobix. If you’re not such a marketing whizz and you’re looking to define or redefine your business, we can help. 

Our full strategic branding process is provided by our in-house graphic designers, strategists and copywriters. It covers all of the above in one comprehensive package, including:

  • Discovery workshop
  • Design audit
  • Target audience research
  • Target market research 
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Messaging frameworks
  • Conceptualising phase (including mock-ups of collateral including logos, webpages and merchandise)
  • Rationales
  • Reversions phase (in which we can make any amendments to the final product)


Ready to up your marketing game? Check out our branding services today!

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