What goes on behind the scenes of an event?

Although it may feel seamless and look like a couple hundred chairs thrown together at a nice venue – there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes of a good corporate event. From gaffa tape to gardenias, chances are there’s much more beneath the surface than you first thought! 

In this week’s blog, we’ll be breaking down the more forgettable parts of events planning so you know how to pull off a great one without a hitch. In no particular order, here are all the things you don’t want to forget when planning your next event:

The perfect venue location

Of course, you won’t forget to book a venue – well, we’d hope not – but what you may forget to consider is how your venue will fit the needs of your event! Even the most perfect, most luxurious hotel ballroom can pose a problem if it’s not easy to get to by multiple transport methods, clearly sign-posted and suitable for the hosting organisation. Above all, your venue should be accessible to your audience, so aim to be close to where they live or work. Remember, it’s easy to find a beautiful venue – but functionality is often an unseen pain point. 

The event branding

Branding is often a consideration that falls by the wayside when it comes to events. Many businesses rely on their own brand to market their event – but sometimes it’s better to build up a brand for the event itself. This requires a bit of thought into what will best resonate with your target audience and what resources you have available – for example, can you build out videos for your AV system? Or will you be restricted to banners, emails and flyers? Developing a brand specific to your event is a powerful way to make it more memorable – but ironically, branding is an easy step in event planning to forget!

The AV and floorplan set up

One thing you don’t want to forget is how the physical parts of your event happen. What furniture do you need? What equipment do you need for the event to function? Do you need screens, iPads, maybe tech for a media wall? Once you’ve determined what you need, don’t forget to check whether your venue can handle it! There’s no point in having eight screens and no powerpoints to plug them in to. Another important consideration often overlooked is how people will actually move through your space. Try to develop a floorplan that facilitates a good combination of sitting, standing, learning, engaging and relaxing to help guests make the most of your event. 

The communications and data capture

The main purpose of an event is to provide value to your attendees. To do that, you need to know about them – and more specifically, their interest in your event both before and after. If you’re not planning to embed any data capture in your event communications, you’re making an absolutely critical oversight. By using digital technology to capture email addresses during the event registry, you gain the ability to reach out to your guests at multiple points of contact before and after the event. Drip-feeding program details can build excitement, whereas a follow-up check-in after the event can provide valuable feedback for next time. 

The contingency plan

Last but not least – never ever forget your contingency plan! So many things can go wrong at an event. That doesn’t mean they will, but we believe virtually all possibilities should be accounted for. At Roobix, our events team brings a contingency kit to every event we host – which includes gaffa tape, Stanley knives, hi-vis vests and several dozen USBs! Who will MC if your MC falls ill? Do you have a backup plan if a vendor doesn’t show up? For every element of your event, plan a back-up. You can never be too prepared – trust us!

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by this list of considerations, we don’t blame you. Planning, hosting and running an event can be both extremely rewarding and extremely stressful! 

At Roobix, we offer an events strategy, conceptualisation and planning service to help business owners pull off a complex event without the cluster headache – and to help them relax and enjoy their own event instead of having to run the show!

Roobix can manage:

  • Ticketing and payments
  • Entertainment and MC coordination
  • Sponsorship and vendor management
  • Flights, transfers, dining and accommodation coordination
  • Event concept, design and styling
  • 3rd party sourcing, booking and management
  • Event creative and promotion development
  • Communication, RSVP & invitation management
  • Graphic design and print management
  • Venue selection and management
  • On-the-day event coordination
  • Exhibition & conference participation management

We also offer these services as part of our celebrated Managed Marketing Service – which you can read all about here

If events assistance sounds like something you need, reach out to Roobix. If not, it’s no biggie – you’re now armed with your list of what-not-to-forget and we wish you well!

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