Marketing and Sales Pipeline Development

Optimise your customer journey to maximise conversion

Roobix takes a strategic approach to your marketing needs. Before you start considering marketing automation, you need to consider your target segments and relevant touchpoints.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

What are you doing with your leads and contacts?

Marketing Technology (MarTech) is here and it’s revolutionising the way we sell. It allows marketers and sales teams to make more meaningful and targeted contact with prospects and existing clients, improving the lead qualification process at a lower cost per lead.

  • What are you doing with those business cards you captured at the industry conference; or 
  • the potential clients that attended your lunch and learn last week; or
  • those dormant clients that need to be re-engaged?

The answer? Put them on a marketing automation pathway and get notified about engagement and interaction. Only call when a contact has shown interest. Have a reason to call and a topic to engage in. Build your funnel from the top, so that you’re never left wondering where the next opportunity is coming from.

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