A Search Engine Marketing strategy should be specific to your organisation’s goals and objectives. You may be tempted to focus on Search Engine Optimisation, but if you have a small budget and you are looking for a direct return on investment, Search Engine Advertising may actually be a better option for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you want to be found online you need to invest in SEO. At Roobix, our objective is to make your site visible in search results that will generate the most business for you. If you decide to focus on improving your rankings, we will always focus on those areas that will get you the most results with the minimum amount of investment.

On-site Search Engine Optimisation

Often this means that we’ll start off by optimising the code of your website. Even the best content may not be indexed by Google if the search engine cannot read and interpret it properly.

Once these initial ‘quick wins’ have been achieved, we will work with you to determine the type of visitor that you are aiming to attract, as well as the type of keywords these people would search.

We will then focus on optimising your website for those terms, including it in your content, as well as your meta data and links.

Off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Much of your website’s ranking is determined by factors outside of your own website. For example the type and reputation of the other websites that link to you. Off-site Search Engine Optimisation is the most difficult and time-consuming, but can be incredibly effective if done well.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Where SEO is all about being found in Google by ranking well, SEA is all about paying to be listed on a position that you will be noticed. The beauty of Search Engine Advertising is that you can see direct measurable results. This means you can calculate your exact direct sales revenue and Return on Investment (ROI) from your Google Advertising expenditure.

As an official Google Partner, we can help you with not only attracting your target market to your website but also helping them convert so your revenue keeps growing.

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