“Even if you have a beautiful website with incredible visitor numbers, it is all for naught if those visitors do not translate into revenue.”Cindy Liu

The purpose of Conversion Rate Optimisation is to turn more website visitors into leads and clients. This is achieved by optimising the User Experience of the website to make it easier to use for visitors while ensuring your business objectives are being met.

Often this means getting visitors to buy your product online or fill out an enquiry form. However, it can also mean gathering leads by offering a whitepaper for download, giving them an incentive to visit your physical store or laying out your website in a way that convinces your visitors to click on ads.

Optimise by removing friction

Often, conversion rate optimisation means removing as much friction as possible. Finding those factors that prevent people from purchasing or enquiries and then changing those factors to provide a better user experience. We find the friction through a combination of common sense and statistical analysis of your visitor behaviour by using Google Analytics and A/B testing tools.

We then reduce the friction through, again, applying common sense to develop alternatives that can then be scientifically tested to find what works best.

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