“A company without strategy is like a ship that doesn’t have a course plotted. The odds of efficiently getting somewhere are next to none.”Melissa Strutt

To effectively convert a lead we depend on an effective sales process. To follow a sales process, we rely on a process to manage and track our interactions with customers and prospects. This involves using technology known as a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.

A thoughtfully designed and user friendly CRM system is the backbone of an organisation’s business development function. It provides a central point for all customer data, stores prospects, leads and opportunities in a secure platform and segments data for targeted, cost effective marketing activities.

However, a CRM system is only as good as the information you put into it. This is why Roobix will work with your organisation to implement a CRM system that is user-friendly and will be embraced by your staff.


Your sales process should not be modified to suit your CRM system, rather your CRM system must be modified to align with your sales process. Roobix will map the architecture of your CRM system to match your sales process, which ultimately maps to your customers journey.

We help you identify what customer data you should be collecting, how to collect it and how to use it to improve your communication and relationship with your customer.

The CRM Tool

There are numerous CRM systems available for an affordable monthly fee. However before we recommend or implement any system, our first priority is to fully understand your organisation’s requirements and ensure that the CRM platform you choose meets all of your needs.


Roobix will develop standard reports and dashboards to provide you with visibility of your sales and operational activities. Whether you require sales pipelines, lead conversion rates, customer activity or marketing activity information, we can put the reports straight under your fingertips.

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