“Brand is not one physical thing. It’s your organisation’s story. It’s how you make your customers feel.” Darren Willans

Your brand encompasses much more than your logo, it captures the essence and values of your organisation. Roobix has a range of Brand Packages to help organisations get started or help them take the next step:

The Logo and Style Guide Packages

Work directly with our graphic designers to sketch out your ideas and see reality come to life in front of your eyes. Share your vision and idea then let us take your preference to the studio to refine and polish.

The outcome will be a beautiful logo, designed with your vision at its core, output in all the formats you will need to get started. We’ll also document this in a Style Guide which will inform you of all the relevant colours, fonts and features of your logo so you can start to build your Brand. More importantly with a Roobix Logo, you actually own your Brand.

The Rebrand

Let us get to know you. Where has your organisation come from and where do you want to go? A rebrand project is a more involved than just a logo design. The outcome defines not just your style but the story of your organisation reflected in your brand. The deliverable of the rebranding project, a style guide and brand archetype, will be useful as a reference point for all your future business and marketing decisions.


Reflect your story in the right style. Roobix can assist will all stationery branding requirements from car decals to business cards and everything in between.

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