Imagine what it would mean for your business if you could deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, without having to think about it? 
You can.


18 October 2019
12.30PM – 2.30PM

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We’ll show you how you can make your marketing communications highly “moment-responsive” and relevant to your target market. If you’re looking to build a powerful sales funnel, it needs to start with Martech.


Here’s a taste of the topics we’ll discuss:


  • The key elements of Martech;
  • Next generation marketing. We know it sounds cliché, but marketing has to change; technology is forcing its hand;
  • Why marketing requires a 360 degree approach;
  • How to nurture and interact with customers during the path to purchase;
  • How to effectively incorporate automation into your business.

Mel StruttMelissa Strutt is passionate about driving the best outcomes for West Australian businesses.

Her own interest in Martech for small to medium business led her to establish the first Martech agency dedicated exclusively to SMBs.

Mel is disrupting the industry with solutions for SMBs based on the premise that the days of the traditional retainer or in-house marketer are done.

She says, “Cash is king, but good technology now sits at every stage of the funnel and although the skillset required to deliver this extends way beyond a couple of traditional inhouse resources, it’s now easier to access a managed, multi-dimensional solution at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-house resource or agency.”