Making your staff Christmas Party memorable

Ahh, the old office Christmas party. Sitting somewhere precariously between wholesome team celebration and an embarrassing faux-pas, there’s something truly jubilant about an end-of-year soiree with the people you just spent the whole year sitting next to.

You’ve hopefully laughed together, you’ve hopefully not cried together – either way, it’s important to cap those experiences off every 12 months with a big, thankful celebration of teamwork. 

If that thought conjures up traumatic flashbacks to the ghost of Christmas parties past (resembling these episodes of The Office) you’re not alone – but really, there’s nothing to be afraid of from a Christmas party that’s planned right. 

Here’s how we do that at Roobix and why we believe a great Christmas work party is a team-building essential – especially at the end of a thoroughly challenging 2020!

Decide on your vibe
There are two main ways to go about a Christmas party: sophisticated or silly. The way you choose to go depends on who you are as a business and who your team members are at work. If your workplace is more formal or your team members are more reserved with one another, a sophisticated party is the way to go. 

However, if your team is close-knit and you run a casual workplace, a silly season affair is potentially more apt. Now, silly doesn’t have to mean drinking irresponsibly – it might just mean you go to mini-golf or set up a dance floor instead of sitting down to a luxurious meal. 

So first, decide on your vibe – next, pick your venue!

Pick a venue to treat your team
Christmas parties are primarily a way to thank your coworkers for all the work they put in the preceding year. Picking an exciting venue or activity is the best way to do this – it shows them you really appreciate them and you want to do something out of the ordinary. There are so many stunning venue options in Western Australia alone, whether you want a blank canvas for a themed party or a powerful design-focused space. Have you considered any of these?

  • A chartered boat on the Swan River
  • The urban farm warehouses at Perth City Farm
  • A local hall fit for decorating
  • A catered picnic on the Matilda Bay foreshore
  • A local bar available for venue hire
  • A local bowls club
  • A long-table dinner at one the many beautiful restaurants in our CBD


Thanking your team with a special venue Christmas party isn’t just a one-way street. 

Treating the team is a certified way to boost employee retention, too – when people feel seen, heard and appreciated, they’re far more confident in their roles. That translates into stronger company loyalty down the line. 

Decide on the evening agenda
Christmas parties can be a time for powerful team bonding – and in some cases, they’re the only real opportunity for your team to talk about their personal lives all year. Coming together in December is the best way to foster new connections across departments of your business that may not otherwise ‘cross-pollinate’. So what better way to facilitate bonding than an activity?

Nobody enjoys an over-scheduled party – you still need to allow plenty of time for casual mingling over a wine. But one or two activities can never go astray, and usually help to break the ice early in the evening. Gift swaps, team quizzes and party games are a great way to set structure in the evening without overdoing it before the main event…

The speech!
There’s one more must-have on the agenda for your Christmas party, and that’s a good speech. 

As a leader, you can use this opportunity to sow the seeds of enthusiasm for 2021 by rewarding employees for their efforts in 2020. Particularly for their efforts in 2020 – the mother of all challenging years in business! Running a small awards ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate individual and collective efforts put toward recovering from the pandemic. 

Whichever way you decide to run your Christmas do, your staff will thank you for it. 

If you’re not quite ready to dive straight into planning your party, Roobix can give you a hand – we specialise in events planning and management! Roobix can offer:

  • Entertainment and MC coordination
  • Sponsorship and vendor management
  • Dining coordination
  • Event concept, design and styling
  • 3rd party sourcing, booking and management
  • Graphic design and print management
  • Venue selection and management
  • On-the-day event coordination
  • Much more


Call Roobix on 13 30 40 to have a chat about our events services – our clients on managed marketing services have planned their parties – have you?

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