Have you had doubts about Search Engine Optimisation?
Ever wondered if S.E.O. is a load of B.S.?

Well you aren’t alone and this seminar is designed to cut through the C.R.A.P.


8 November 2019
12.30PM – 2.30PM

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Right now, the digital space is changing. Why?

  • The decline in Google’s Search revenue in the Australian market is driving them to change the rules more often.
  • Increasing competition in search is causing a negative ROI for small businesses.
  • Business owners are realising that lots of green arrows and clicks do not result in more revenue.
  • Machine learning and automation dictating ranking.
  • The rising ability to integrate Google, social media and email marketing.
  • The decline of the branded key terms.

Success in the next generation of marketing requires a firm grasp on change. If you’re tired of getting a low return on investment but still passionate about digital learning – join like-minded business owners at Roobix’ next Lunch and Learn event.

We’ll be covering the changes taking place in the digital sphere and looking at how you can manipulate that technology for marketing success.

Mel StruttMelissa Strutt is passionate about driving the best outcomes for West Australian businesses.

Her own interest in Martech for small to medium business led her to establish the first Martech agency dedicated exclusively to SMBs.

Mel is disrupting the industry with solutions for SMBs based on the premise that the days of the traditional retainer or in-house marketer are done.

She says, “Cash is king, but good technology now sits at every stage of the funnel and although the skillset required to deliver this extends way beyond a couple of traditional inhouse resources, it’s now easier to access a managed, multi-dimensional solution at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-house resource or agency.”