Channel Marketing

Supporting channel partners to execute meaningful demand generation activity.

Channel partners are a fundamental part of your success, but often don’t have the resources or capability to execute meaningful marketing activity.

Co-funded activities can vary widely and often miss the mark, focusing on a particular product or service offer rather than taking a strategic approach based on customer needs.

There is often no measurable ROI for either party.

We do things differently at Roobix.
  • We start with strategy, then bring it all together to create targeted and measurable B2B lead generation campaigns
  • We specialise in stakeholder management and campaign design to drive positive outcomes for both parties.
  • We understand the IT industry and the support partners need. B2B marketing is our bread and butter.
  • We are a true MarTech organisation, with a team of developers and digital specialists to execute every element of the campaign.
  • We built our own marketing automation tool [ROOBOT], that’s cost effective for every sized partner. This way partners can spend money on the campaigns, not on licensing fees.
  • We also coordinate Joint Marketing Funding applications and reporting on behalf of your partners, so you get the PoP you need.

Channel marketing services

Campaign Design & Management
Case Study Development
Video & Animation Production
Vendor Roadshows
Partner Events
International Premier Events
Roobix are executing some of the Australian IT industry's most successful activities every year.
Client Highlights

Cirrus Pulse

Roobix design and execute Cirrus Networks’ flagship demand generation event, Cirrus Pulse. The three day executive event combines five strategic vendors to deliver Cirrus Networks clients an exclusive learning experience. Participants are immersed in innovative architectures, exposed to technology roadmaps, early adopter use cases and vendor eco-systems. This event and related campaign activity resulted in more than $5M pipeline for Cirrus Networks within 12 months of execution.

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