Why Brand is More Than a Logo

branding services

What is a brand? Well, it can be pretty difficult to define!  What brand ‘is’ can be entirely different depending on the context. In design terms, a brand is synonymous with your business’ broader visual language and identity. It’s the colours, fonts, shapes and other aesthetic features that best represent you and what you offer….

Facebook and the news | what just happened?!

Facebook and the news

You may have read this morning that news content has been removed from Australian Facebook accounts.  It’s a pretty unexpected move on Facebook’s behalf, and so we thought we’d give you a quick explainer on the situation and what it could mean moving forward. What the hell just happened? We released a simple explainer on…

Marketing Terminology 101: Customer Experience V Customer Journey

Customer Experience VS Customer Journey

If you’ve ever tried to learn about business marketing, chances are you’ve come across a smorgasbord of buzzwords that made no sense to you – and potentially put you off your endeavour once and for all! But there’s no need to panic. Like any industry, marketing has its own unique vocabulary that needs a little…

Google V Australia – What Does It Mean For You?

Google V Australia

It can be hard to spot amongst the ongoing Australian pandemic news and the bushfire bulletins, but you may have noticed there’s a bit of an altercation going on between Google and the Australian government. You might be wondering what it means, how will it impact you as a business owner, and most importantly, what…