Bringing mid-century Mad Men to 21st-century copy

copywriting services

Why does copywriting matter? Is it more than just ‘words on a page’? Yes – but you knew we were going to say that! Copy is the substance that makes up all marketing communication. Websites, pay-per-click advertising, social media posts, brochures, capability statements, newsletters, video scripts and radio scripts – the list goes on. All…

Make sure you’re on WordPress 5.5!

wordpress 5.5 update

If you’re behind one of the 30% of sites on the web that are powered by WordPress – this news is for you! WordPress has just launched Version 5.5 – nicknamed Eckstine in honour of American jazz-pop musician Billy Eckstine. The new WordPress is jam-packed with a range of fresh features to make web browsing…

Why a logo shouldn’t break the bank

logo design costs

It’s 2020 – and business owners can access virtually unlimited free online tools and take their branding needs into their own hands. So why pay a marketing provider?  On the surface, this can seem like a great way to save cost – why pay someone else when you can do it yourself? It doesn’t help…

Why you should switch to PHP 7 for WordPress today

php 7 wordpress update

PHP 7 has been floating around for a while now, but many hosting services are yet to upgrade their programming language from PHP 5. This is especially concerning for WordPress users, since PHP 7 poses a range of benefits to WordPress site usability, responsiveness and search engine optimisation.  As security support for PHP 5 has…

What makes small business marketing different?

small business marketing services

You may think all marketing is the same – but nothing could be further from the truth. There are big differences between the marketing strategy that a multinational corporation might use and a small business marketing strategy.  Roobix is a marketing agency for small businesses (and medium ones, too!) But what does that really mean?…

Customer journey mapping made easy

customer journey mapping services

If you’re new to marketing your business, it’s pretty easy to feel out-of-your-depth when confronted with marketing jargon, documents and infographics. At Roobix, we like to demystify those daunting documents wherever we can. While they may look confusing to the uninitiated, most of them actually refer to really useful concepts. Like customer journey maps, for…

The role of collaboration in a marketing workspace

marketing workspace collaboration

Bringing together the very best features of workplace collaboration, the managed marketing service (MMS) is the very heart of Roobix’ service offering. For the uninitiated, an MMS is like an all-in-one for your marketing needs. Instead of contracting separate businesses to manage your web build, your SEO, your copywriting, your graphic design, your videography and…

Rising to the Challenge

mel strutt home office

Like many of our clients, Roobix is a small business. We might be the largest digital services provider in the state, but the story of Roobix is probably pretty similar to yours. We offer services and support – and like you, we rely on one another to keep ourselves going. We all grow – and…

ASC Awards Roobix With Website Portfolio

ASC Awards achievement

After a thorough and competitive tender process, Roobix is pleased to announce it has been awarded a multi-website and custom portal development project with the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC). The Commission required three websites with customised portal functions for its major entities, including the Western Australian Anglican Schools Association (WAASA), and Anglican Schools Australia (ASA)….