How to sell to the self-educating customer

As a salesperson, you no longer control the majority of information the buyer has access to when looking into a solution. 36% of B2B consumers don’t even think about talking to a sales representative before they’ve formed a consideration set on their own. In other words, many customers will identify potential solutions to their problem before contacting an expert in … Read More

Why you should approach sales like dating

We recently analysed our revenue based on the lead source (i.e. where did the lead originate from). This is a really important exercise for any organisation as it helps to understand what does and doesn’t work and ensures you’re spending money on the right sales & marketing activities. Roobix is a B2B organisation, providing services in a specific geographic area … Read More

Referral spam: The new spam trend that creates false website visitors

On the internet, people constantly seem to find new ways of spreading viruses or malware and adverts for illicit products such as medication. The latest trend seems to be Referral Spam. What is referral spam? Referral spammers use computer systems to visit (spider) as many websites as they can. They do this in a similar way to Google. However instead … Read More