Roobix Wins 2015 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement

Roobix is delighted to announce that the Capital Partners website won the 2015 Financial Services Standard of Excellence WebAward at the Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition. Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition has been setting the standard of excellence for Website development. Independent expert judges from around the world review sites in 96 industries, the best … Read More

Why buying fake social media likes is a bad idea

In a world where ‘likes’ are counted like currency, it can be tempting for any start-up or small businesses to succumb to buying Facebook likes, Twitter followers and YouTube views. These days, it’s not unheard of for business owners to receive unsolicited emails that promise to snag you 500 more followers at a cheap, cheap price. Why do people buy … Read More

Why your phone number matters

Despite the growth of digital commerce, the humble telephone call still dominates customer communication. Roy Morgan’s survey reveals that over 60% of people prefer to call a business before buying a product or service. This means we have to ensure our business provides a positive telephone experience to increase the likelihood of people wanting to do business with us. We’ve … Read More

Ramping up Referrals

Many of our clients rate referrals as the most effective marketing and sales tool for their business. Given this feedback it’s surprising that few of the organisation we speak to actually formalise and maintain a referral program. In this article we explore the characteristics of effective marketing referral programs: Identify the right clients It’s important to target the right customers … Read More

Does Social Media Work for B2B Marketing?

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is vastly different to business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing for a number of reasons: The number of people involved in a purchasing decision The rational nature of the process behind a decision because of the responsibility attached to the purchase Higher importance of relationships. A salesperson will get to know their clients and form strong relationships – reflected in … Read More

Logos Are Important. Is Yours Really Yours?

Logos are so important that many people think that a logo is all a brand consists of. This isn’t true, but together with the name, the logo is the most crucial element of the overall branding strategy that also includes your slogan, colour scheme and font. Your brand is all the unique identifiers for your business. Why is a Logo … Read More

Relevance of Salespeople in 2014 – A Response to Jean Spencer

We recently came across an article on Social Media Today by Jean Spencer that sparked some intense debate in the Roobix office. Spencer’s article argues that content marketing will replace physical sales teams in the future and points towards signs that this is already taking place. We are so passionate about the topic that we feel compelled to respond. Conflicting … Read More

Location, Location, Location – It also applies online

It is the old adage when it comes to physical stores: you need to be located in high traffic areas so that you are noticed in order to sell your products or services. However, the same is true when it comes to online. Just having a website isn’t enough. Like a physical store it needs to be easy to find … Read More