West Australian Symphony Orchestra partners with Roobix

Roobix is thrilled to continue their support of WA Arts, today announcing a partnership with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) for 2018. WASO is Western Australia’s largest and busiest performing arts organisation, and has a reputation for excellence, engagement and innovation. They are one of Australia’s finest orchestras, and renowned internationally for their dynamic performances under Principal Conductor Asher … Read More

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre signs 12-month Managed Marketing Service Contract with Roobix

Roobix is pleased to announce it has signed a 12-month contract for a Marketing Managed Service across Digital, Communications, Design and Strategy disciplines with the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC). PCEC approached Roobix in April 2017 to discuss a potential engagement because they required a provider that could offer the full suite of marketing skills to service the varying … Read More

West Australian Ballet partners with Roobix for innovative event management software

Roobix is delighted to announce its partnership with West Australian Ballet for 2017. The partnership provides West Australian Ballet an enterprise licence to Roobix’s proprietary software, Evnto, which will support West Australian Ballet staff in delivering corporate events across the organisation. Evnto is a corporate event management system built to eliminate the administrative tasks associated with corporate events including RSVP … Read More

WAFC signs 3 year contract with Roobix for WAFL Competition Management System

Roobix is pleased to announce the Western Australian Football Commission (WAFC) has signed a 3-year contract for the provision of Sportix, a cloud-based Competition Management System. The software, branded as WAFL Online for the WAFC, automates the majority of competition processes and operational forms across all WAFL grades. This includes fixturing, player data management, list management and tribunal management as … Read More

Why It’s Important to Have an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Designing an effective marketing campaign has never been simple. Determining who your target customers are, developing a brand voice and then approaching them with an appeal that consistently wins out over that of the competition is a daunting task, to say the least. That’s why any mid- to large-sized company would never dream of proceeding without a marketing consultant in … Read More

5 Ways to Use Technology to Understand Your Competitors Better

More than 2,500 years ago, Sun Tzu taught us this: ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.’ The Art of War may be considered ancient wisdom, but it’s as relevant today as it ever was. On that note, here are five tools to incorporate into your marketing strategy for … Read More

9 Marketing Activities That You Can Outsource Immediately

The depth and breadth of knowledge that is required to leverage all of the marketing opportunities that exist for companies in the 21st century make it very hard for all but the largest of organisations to handle everything in-house. Often, it is in the specialist field of online digital marketing that companies have the biggest lack of in-house expertise, so … Read More

How Spending Money on Facebook Can Help Your Business

How Spending Money on Facebook Can Help Your Business These days, there is plenty of buzz around the prospects of using social media as a marketing tool. Most of the major social media platforms offer paid advertising services, whilst bloggers and media gurus assure you that it’s also possible to enlist social media as a free marketing tool. To be … Read More

Google says farewell to right-side ads – what does this mean for you?

Over the years, Google has been known for taking exciting steps towards better user experiences – remember “41 shades of blue”? Their most recent ‘side ads’ update may be far less entertaining, but you’ll certainly feel the impact on your site’s search ranking and the success of your ads. Fewer ads on search results pages As of late February this … Read More